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St. Vital Chiropractor Dr. Mark Kowalczuk

St. Vital Chiropractor

Dr. Mark Kowalczuk

“A life of accidents that became a blessing.”

Part 1: A Fall And A Faint

“At the age of 10, I fell off of the monkey bars in school. I think I fainted because all I remember was waking up and seeing a friend looking down on me.” Then, when Dr. Kowalczuk told his family what happened, his brother took him to the chiropractor he was seeing.

“That’s how I met Dr. Bob Champagne. I had a very positive first experience and realized that chiropractors are such good-hearted, caring people. He helped me find immediate relief, but once I felt better I stopped going in regularly.”

Part 2: Back-Pains I Didn’t Realize I Could Overcome

Then at 13, Dr. Kowalczuk was lifting a picnic table and immediately felt intense pain in his back, he couldn’t move, walk, or run at all. “Dr. Champagne helped me in just one visit, I was amazed.”

“Later that year at hockey practice, I was doing an exercise and went down on my knees on the ice. But something went wrong… I felt excruciating pain in my mid-back, so much that it took me about 20 minutes to get off the ice as I thought I was paralyzed. I accepted that I wasn’t going to be playing hockey that season, but finally decided to visit my chiropractor  where I once again experienced the incredible power of a chiropractic adjustment.”

“The adjustment radiated to every cell of my body. The instant relief was an unbelievable experience.”

Great Life Chiropractic & Wellcare Centre

Great Life Chiropractic & Wellcare Centre

Part 3: Two Life-Threatening Car Accidents

“I had two horrific car accidents, both of which I should have died in. It’s not only a miracle I survived, but my healing through chiropractic care literally changed my life forever.”

After these accidents, Dr. Kowalczuk decided he wanted to be a chiropractor. “After all of these miracles that I experienced, I had to pass that along to someone else in need.”

My Educational Story Has Begun, But I’ll Never Finish Learning

Dr. Kowalczuk went to Life University in Georgia in 1993 and graduated in September 1997.

“My education and experience helps me dedicate my strengths to build a stronger, healthier St. Vital. It helps me set goals for myself, my team, and helps me live out my mission of helping my patients perform at their greatest.”

I Love The Natural Approach; I’m In-love With Chiropractic As An Art

“I’m fascinated by the natural approach to well-being and good health. This is the gift I want to share as your community chiropractor.”

Chiropractic is a natural healing art and a strategy for achieving wellness… it goes so far beyond pain relief. It’s a means to help you discover health so you can live your life to your fullest potential.

Eat. Sleep. And Chiropractic Care.

“There is rarely a moment when I’m not a part of the chiropractic world. For me, chiropractic is not just a career, it’s a life choice, a philosophy, an approach and a strategy to life and well-being. This is where I’m fully locked in. I live and breathe chiropractic.”

My Love for Hockey

“I grew up playing a lot of outdoor sports. At heart, I’m a Canadian and passionate about playing hockey. There is a sense of pride in being a Winnipegger, especially if you’re a Winnipeg Jets fan and for me I can’t hide it.  Watching our Winnipeg Jets and playing outdoor ice hockey helps us to get through our long, cold, Canadian winters.”

The Family Man with a Love for Italian Culture

“I am a family man to the core.” Dr. Kowalczuk is Polish and Ukranian and his wife Joanna is Italian. They were married in 2000 and have two children. Their son Daniel loves soccer and their daughter Katerina is fond of dance and the arts.

“Our family is tight and we love to travel together. To me, family ties are of utmost importance and as a couple, my wife and I want to instill the same values in our children.”

“I understand bits and pieces of the Italian language but more so I have deep respect for the culture. Italians generally are very close knit and have very strong family bonds. I hope to pass along that inherently positive vibe to my children.”

“I enjoy participating in community initiatives and am committed to being a healthy individual and ensuring good health for my family and community. As a family we eat healthy, take our supplements regularly and exercise.”

Now that you’ve learned all about my story, I’d love to hear yours. Call Great Life Chiropractic & Wellcare Centre at  (204) 254-5555 to book your consultation.