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What’s Your Core Score?

Insight Subluxation Station

We offer a very fascinating core score assessment right here in our office. This gives you a score between 0-100. It shows how happy your nervous system is and how well you adapt to stress.

This scan then helps us determine even more clearly how we can help you.

10 Minutes to Your Score

Three tests help us arrive at your Core Score:

  • Thermography
  • Surface EMG
  • Heart Rate Variability

The computer puts the tests together and calculates the findings to show how healthy your nervous system is. The higher you score the better.

Now, Just Watch Your Health Improve

You can expect the test on Day 1 and we will use it as a baseline reference in comparison with future scans, in order to show your progress.

“As 100 would be ideal, we’ve often seen people start off in the 50’s and increase dramatically as their health improves. Patients love coming in to find out their score.”

Ready to learn how healthy your nervous system is? Give us a call and let’s find out. (204) 254-5555